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Affirmation Portrait

An Affirmation Portrait is a work of art that depicts inner aspirations. The artwork doesn’t depict a person, place or thing, but an idea, particularly a feeling. It may be a desired lifestyle or specific energy you want to bring to your sacred space.

An Affirmation Portrait is a meditative ritual that expresses your deepest desires and reflects your emotions and feelings that cannot be seen, but only felt. This is what drives you to live the life you want. As you look at your Affirmation Portrait hanging in your bedroom, your yoga studio or office you will be reminded to set positive intentions daily.

Use this painting in conjunction with your regular ritual, meditative practice or to invite desirable energies into your space.

My Painting Process

I follow my signature 2-step process for creating your painting.

First, I break down each feeling into three art principles: color, form, and texture. This helps translate your feeling from a vague idea to a physical form you can see and touch. Second, my painting process itself is a specific technique that requires building and revealing several layers of that color, form, and texture. The entire process invokes a deep meditative state and the result is peace, deep self knowledge, and a meaningful work of art.

  • The color scheme of each painting is based on the chakras which connects your feeling with an area of your body and a linear number scale which tells me color temperature (warm/cool).

  • Form refers to literal shapes or painting gestures used in each painting. I break the choices down to round or angular. This is another way for you to connect to your feeling in a more dimensional way.

  • Texture is translated into the physical materials I use as a ground in your painting, meaning, the first few layers. Texture is the first thing that is laid down before color (paint) in introduced. This, again, is another way for you to connect to your feeling and helps to express that feeling into something that can be touched.

Each work is different, but on average each painting contains about 15-20 layers of materials and paint. Just as feelings can be very complicated, deep, and dimensional so is an Affirmation Portrait.

My signature technique requires many layers of materials (such as various papers, plaster or low-relief found objects) and paint. My paint mixtures consist of water-based paints, water, and glue. This is what allows me to reveal under layers of paint and bring them to the surface, like in the example below.

*below are process images of one of my client’s Affirmation Portrait*



Ready to work with me?

All artwork is created using cotton canvas and sizes/prices start at 8″x10″ / $495.

Artwork series’ are also available.


How it works

Step 1: We schedule a call/Skype/Google Hangout (up to 1 hour) where you tell me things you want your painting to be/represent – AKA your feeling.

Things we will talk about in this call: You provide me with 1 main feeling/idea (if you’re a word person up to 3 descriptor words), what shape/form your feeling feels like (round or angular), and what texture the idea feels like (rough or smooth).

If an Affirmation Portrait isn’t a right fit for either of us, no worries! The $97 booking fee will be refunded to you.

However, if this all sounds awesome to you, proceed!

Step 2: 50% of your total payment is due before I begin your artwork. Please note, the $97 upfront fee is to book you into my calendar and is due before our consultation. However, the $97 will be credited to you and will count toward your final payment.

Step 3: I will require a maximum of 1 month to make your artwork (important: please keep in mind each artwork is subject to my artistic interpretation).

Step 4: The other 50% of your payment is due before I ship your artwork. Shipping is always FREE.

*all paintings are subject to my artistic interpretation*

*if you absolutely don’t like your painting for any reason, I will give you a full refund *

FAQ’s & Extra Info

What if, after our consultation, I decide this is not the best fit for me?

No worries. If you/me decided this is not the best fit the $97 fee will be refunded to you.

Affirmation Portrait’s color scheme

Color schemes will be selected by me (allow 1-3 days for this process to be completed). If you wish, I will send you a digital color palette/mock up board for your approval (I create these regardless for my own reference).

Details of your final artwork

All paintings come on cotton canvas, are unframed (but the edges will be finished), and can be ready to be hung (I will install a hanging wire on the back), upon request at no extra cost.

What if I want more than one artwork to create a series?

Great! I will expand our consultation time, if needed, to sufficiently compile all the information I need from you.

Side note for a painting series: either each painting will represent a different feeling or the whole series will represent the same main feeling, but each painting will express different aspects of that main feeling.

Is there a way to extend the time on our call?

Yes. If after 30 minutes you are totally thinking, “I can’t live without this artwork in my space!” I will extend our chat time until all information is collected.

What materials will the painting be made of?

Mixed media. I use a variety of materials. Common materials include plaster, fabrics, papers, low-relief found objects, glue, and water-based paints (like acrylics, tempera, gouache).

* Still have questions that weren’t answered? Please use the request form below. Allow up to 2 business days for response (although, I usually reply within one day) *


Let’s work together: