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Kezia Carter

I am an expressionist painter who enjoys meditation, manifestation, and world travel. I spent my childhood alone in the corner in my own little “Kezialand” living in ignorant bliss. When I started college I quickly realized that I wanted to do more than be a slave to money and then die. In my mid twenties I had a major shift in my paradigm and realized I didn’t know myself and that there was more to life than working at a job and paying bills. I explored all kinds of personality tests, my birth chart, and tarot readings to get to know myself better. I replaced the religion of my youth with meditation based spirituality, and created my own business to live life on my own terms. What I realized I needed was a visual form of meditation to help me understand my feelings and that would inspire me to achieve my desires.

So, I developed the Affirmation Portrait. It’s a work of art that depicts inner aspirations. Affirmation Portraiture has two major steps.

First, I channel a feeling into three art principles: color, form, and texture. This helps translate the feeling from a vague idea to a physical form that can be seen and touched. Second, I paint with a specific technique that requires building and revealing several layers of that color, form, and texture. The entire process invokes a deep meditative state and the result is peace, deep self knowledge, and a meaningful work of art to complete my sacred space.



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