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Color by Desire: finding a meditative color scheme

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My artwork is based around meditation where my end goal is for each work to bring inner balance and greater self knowledge. I still find it difficult sometimes, when starting a new project, to know exactly what colors to use. Especially since my subjects reflect things that are felt and not seen.

To help me with this, I created two exercises as part of my signature process that helps me select accurate color schemes for each work. Also, I know there’s other people out there, like me, who seek a little structure to get to their end result more systematically – to rinse and repeat.

First exercise: Using the 7 Chakras

The 7 chakras are energy points on our body. They range from the base of your tail bone to the crown of your head. Chakras have corresponding colors that mirrors the vibrancy of each energy point.

As you begin a new work:

Step one: Have a feeling in mind – what your artwork is about (like , gratitude). Meditate and focus on that feeling and ask your heart where on your body that feeling lives (take about 10 minutes).

Step two: Where is the feeling manifesting in your body? Use an image of where the different chakras are to help you identify this, if necessary. Then look at the corresponding color for that area.

[This is part one of your scheme]

* force yourself to think in black and white. Only focus on where your feeling lies in your body *

Second exercise: Linear Scale

This second exercise is a number scale I created that focuses on temperature.

Step one: Again, have that feeling in mind. Meditate, focus, and experience the feeling in your body – is it a warm or cool feeling?

Step two: Use my color temperature scale from1-6. One being the least cool/warm, six being the most cool/warm, circle the number that feels best. Each number will correspond to a specific color.

[This is part two of your scheme]

Side note

The colors that you end up with can and should be modified in most cases. Use different tones, shades, or slight variations of the color(s) chosen. These color exercises are based on the color wheel and do not include brown, gray, or black. The next step would be to create your finalized color scheme and decide which color is more dominant and which more subtle.

Try this method out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.





More information on chakras:

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